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North American Power Education newsletter | August 2018

Power Update


Unlocking new possibilities with power grid digitalization

Electricity runs the world. Without it, quality of life is reduced, the wheels of industry stop, and overall development, economic progress and social evolution slows down. This mission-criticality of power is the reason why the digitalization of the power grid is rightly referred to as a revolution – it impacts everyone, from individual families and communities to large companies, nations and even the cross-border economy. From plant to plug, and across demand applications, the digital transformation heralds multiple benefits for all players in the power ecosystem.


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ABB has worked with US utility partners to manage the potential damage a storm can cause and facilitate the speed of recovery in the aftermath. The biggest issues when storms hit are power outages, which can cause enormous economic and societal consequences. Businesses can’t function, and homes are left in the dark. ABB technology has already helped mitigate these consequences. 

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ABB microgrids empower the Last Frontier, bringing reliable electricity to remote and isolated areas. The vision is clear – we want to help power the world without consuming the earth – and the grid is now (un) locked in every sense! So let’s write the future. Together.


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A majority of utilities plan to soon implement DERMS. But, how will those systems integrate with existing distribution management systems?

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It has often been said that nothing can make or break a utility like a storm. The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, which devastated vast swathes of Texas, Florida, Georgia, the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, has raised awareness about what is working – and not working – in efforts to improve grid resiliency in the face of increasingly extreme storms.

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Smarter mobility

Electric vehicle infrastructure

Experience builds the foundation for smarter, cleaner and more reliable mobility.

ABB deploys first 350 kW system with Electrify America


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ABB Conversation:
Why firsts matter


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White paper:
Business models: healthy public charging infrastructure


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Policy perspective:
The case for electrification


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PAC World
Aug 21-23
Raleigh, NC

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Solar Power
Sept 24-27
Anaheim, CA

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Doble Breaker
Oct 1-5
Jackson, MS

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Dec 4-6
Orlando, FL

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