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Integrating small solar farms
Balance demand for more reliable, higher-quality power
The construction of small solar farms is running ahead of grid integration rules in many areas, and that can be a problem for utilities. In states where there is nothing like California’s trendsetting Rule 21 in place to oversee the process – and FERC rules do not apply – utilities are finding the best way to manage this solar flood is to “smarten” their transmission and distribution grids. By embracing the smart grid, utilities are not only mitigating the technical difficulties associated with integrating solar farms, they are also putting themselves in a position to benefit from the enhanced stability and reliability renewable generation can provide. 
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What does a microgrid cost?
Four experts weigh in
No set price exists for a microgrid, reflecting the customized nature. Further, price tag alone offers a limited view. It’s not just what a microgrid costs, but what it achieves for a customer in the larger energy economy.
Join this ABB sponsored EUCI microgrid event August 2-3 in Washington, DC to explore the next generation and discuss commercialization.
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Bringing renewables across NY
Using existing infrastructure 
New York has an ambitious goal of getting 50% of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030. To get there, the state will need to expand grid infrastructure to deliver renewable power from rural areas to load centers. But the state won't always have to build new infrastructure -- it can do more with what it has. The NYPA and NYSEG have just finished the first project that shows what’s possible using existing infrastructure. Instead of building new transmission, they collaborated to connect portions of their grids with capacitor banks.
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Educational videos
Using SSVTs for substation control power
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Solar Impulse: making smarter energy choices
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The industrial world of things
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Two world leaders learn about smart sensing
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ABB Review Technical Journal
Transformer health in the real world 
Condition-based maintenance prioritizes based on risk and importance, so money is spent where it is needed most.
What techniques are used to make sure the maintenance is properly prioritized? The answer lies in data analytics.
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Product showcase: MicroSCADA Pro SYS600 for substation automation
Press release
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MicroSCADA service
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Conferences and events
July 26-29
Minneapolis, MN
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Aug 21-26
Paris, France
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PAC World Americas
Aug 29-Sept 1
Raleigh, NC
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