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Bulletproofing the grid
Make way for new transformer technologies
Recent events and developing threats remind us that as essential as the grid is to national and economic security, it is and always has been vulnerable.

The utility industry is responding to the changing threat profile with new technologies. Properly applied, these technologies can match the level of protection with the criticality of the asset.

This allows power producers and utilities to move away from a one-size-fits all approach, because not all assets are created equal. 
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Energy efficiency
Aiding a sustainable energy future
Transforming the energy sector for a more sustainable future is a multi-generational project. But short-term actions, based on readily available, proven technologies, can significantly increase energy efficiency. This paper provides an overview of available technologies and their savings potential across the energy value chain.
Greener power for a global powerhouse 
Learn how China achieved financial advantages by choosing a transformer with optimized efficiency and lower energy losses. 
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Energy storage enables microgrids
Exploring hybrid energy storage systems
Commercial microgrid viability remains elusive. They can be difficult to justify aside from those serving a critical load, a remote facility or where the choice is between microgrid power and no power.

The business case needs more than a single play like outage ride-through or increasing local generation capacity. This is where storage can really make the difference, but only when the given device is carefully chosen and the microgrid is engineered as a whole.
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Energy efficiency in transformers
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Enabling reliable power grids
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White paper
Revolutionizing substation maintenance practices to optimize reliability
Traditional practices collapse as substation owners adopt predictive maintenance methods.
“We studied over 10,000 transformers and found age alone is not a good indicator for pending transformer issues or failure.”
- Craig Stiegemeier,
  Director of Technology,
Product showcase: Integrated Gate Commutated Thyristor (IGCT)
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