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Dear Distributors,

As you know, industries are evolving rapidly to adjust to the pandemic and a post-pandemic economy. But questions remain: What are we doing well right now and what do we need to do differently?

One thing we discovered was that technology was key in keeping operations going. We saw a rapid rise in digitalization and automation. That’s why we continue to invest in our digital strategy. We are focused on meeting customer needs and further empowering our distributor partners with their e-commerce activities to sell digital solutions.

Our commitment to you is providing more connected products, more digital services, a better digital customer experience, and better digital tools for customers. We are your partner for safe, smart and sustainable solutions, today and for the future.

We look forward to continuing positive progress with you in 2021 and the years to come​​​​​​​

“Deeper relationships, higher growth powered by our partnership.”

Best regards,
Your Distribution Channel Team



News in Brief 




ABB to present sustainable solutions at Dubai EXPO 2020

ABB will participate in the Dubai EXPO 2020 as an official partner of the Swedish Pavilion and showcase its leading technology in a digital and interactive way, under the pavilion’s theme: “Co-creation for Innovation”. EXPO 2020 will run from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.



EUEW Annual Business Convention 2021

European Union of Electrical Wholesalers EUEW is a 17-nation organization representing the interests of the electrical wholesaling channels in European Union.

On behalf of the EUEW, we invite you to another spectacular debate on our new world of electrical distribution at the 2021 Annual Business Convention in Barcelona. We are joined by some of the biggest players of our industry and drivers of a more responsible and environmentally conscious society, who will take the stage to help design our own strategy within our eco-system for a Net-Zero world by 2050.

We looking forward to seeing you on 18 – 19 November 2021 in Barcelona!



ABB #PowerBetter Roadshow a big hit with customers

The #PowerBetter Roadshow provides a unique opportunity for US customers to see, touch, and learn more about ABB Electrification in a controlled, comfortable, and safe environment. Featuring the latest products, services, and solutions including the newly integrated portfolio of ABB advanced technology components with legacy GE equipment, the roadshow is strategically traveling across the US to deliver an engaging, hands-on experience and brand interaction. Don't miss your chance to experience the #PowerBetter roadshow when it hits a US city near you.




ABB Value Provider Program

To create this joint value proposition and help distributors to grow their business and differentiate as a service driven organization, we will be rolling out the ABB Value Provider Program for ABB Ability™ solutions (starting with Energy and Asset Management in H2 2021, Building and E-mobility to follow in 2022).

Certified partners will be able to promote and sell our smart and connected devices along with our Software-as-a-Service solutions, with the option to incorporate additional services including design, commissioning and after-sales support.

We will help our certified Value Provider partners to build an incremental set of competences for a given digital domain of expertise, empowering them to enroll on the program based on on-the-ground capabilities and local go-to-market strategy.

Our partnership and certification process is aimed at enhancing distributors perceived added value in offering customers solutions that address their needs in a specific area (domain of expertise).

ABB wants Value Providers to develop their expertise in particular domains and to be recognized as expert by Customers. As a result, are provided with a label on which their relevant domains of expertise are listed.

With ABB Ability digital offering we help our partners to become expert in digital solutions and relevant domains such as Asset Management, Energy Management, Building Management, E-Mobility.

If you want to learn more about ABB Value Provider Program and ABB Ability digital offerings please click on the button below.

Environmental, Social and Governance 




Embedding sustainability in everything we do

As a technology leader, we focus on those areas where we can make the biggest impact – reducing carbon emissions, preserving resources and promoting social progress. Our solutions and responsible business practices drive sustainability across our value chain and contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.





With the release of the latest IPCC climate report, the scientific evidence has never been clearer: We need to make rapid progress in cutting greenhouse gases, if we are to meet the 1.5°C Paris Agreement scenario. As a global technology company, we at ABB believe that technology holds the key to a sustainable future and to tackling climate change. Many of the technologies needed to reduce GHG emissions are already available today. At the forthcoming COP26 climate conference, governments, businesses and civil society need to work together to empower companies and citizens to accelerate the implementation of these technologies in line with ambitious targets. The IPCC assessment is an important scientifically-based reminder that a common approach involving every sector and country is crucial.



On Zero Emissions Day, let’s remember the importance of targets and goals in the energy transition

Mission to Zero is a key part of ABB’s 2030 sustainability strategy, in which we are actively enabling a low-carbon society by working with our customers and suppliers to reduce their emissions as well as achieve carbon neutrality in our own operations.



Hybrid approach bolsters ­predictive ­main­tenance

How can we use artificial intelligence to fortify the predictive maintenance of industrial critical assets? By combining domain knowledge and machine learning algorithms, ABB delivers a unique yet practical approach to do just that.



R&D collaboration key to innovating a sustainable future

At the heart of our R&D efforts is a passion to innovate to protect our planet – and to me the mantra of 2021 must be “the greenest energy is the energy we don’t consume.”



Zero waste to landfill achieved at ABB’s Frosinone factory in Italy

Zero production waste to landfill has been achieved at ABB Smart Power’s manufacturing unit in Frosinone, Italy — 14 years ahead of the European Union’s Circular Economy Package target of no more than 10 percent landfilling by 2035.



ABB unveils game-changing ABB Ability™ eMine to fast-track transition to all-electric mines

The global mining industry is undergoing one of the most significant and important transformations of our generation – and that is to become zero-carbon.





ABB Electrification Course Finder

Find out our most relevant online training content by Segment (e.g. Data Centers or E-mobility) or Application (e.g. Building Automation or Power Distribution & Control). You can search for pre-assembled learning paths or explore hundreds of standalone courses.

It provides online training 24/7, whether you’re on a laptop or mobile device.

Empower yourself with ABB University!





Welcome to the office of tomorrow! 

Discover what Dutch company, Verweij Elektrotechniek, did to create a safe, comfortable, and healthy workplace for their employees. Thanks to our ABB Ability™ energy management solution Verweij Elektrotechiek saves energy costs and reduces



ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager for non-ABB systems

ABB has partnered with industrial data acquisition and unification startup, Omnio, to offer complete monitoring across all low voltage power distribution systems.



Which kind of digital strategy is the right one for you?

Good digital strategy feeds directly into more efficient maintenance management. It enables you to assign and trace service activities and ensure your personnel have real-time and historical asset information right at their fingertips. It’s smarter visibility for everyone.



Data ownership 

The big theme at this year’s World Statistics Day 2021 is data ownership, or “connecting the world with data we can trust.” But how can you ensure operational data is safe, smart and sustainable?



ABB enrolls with EPLAN
Partner Network



Digital Dialogue 2021
webinar series



Boarding for digitalization 
Digital Summit








Frozen Music - Episode #13

This episode whisks us away to Chengdu in China, to explore the design of Tianfu Airport, whose grand opening took place this summer.

The architects of CSWADI (China Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute) took inspiration from ancient symbolism of the Shu dynasty in Sichuan to create the remarkable form and positioning of the 4 airport terminals and administrative buildings: Embracing the local culture while connecting with the rest of the world. 



The path to carbon-neutral buildings and cities



ABB's Mission to Zero  Home 

A carbon neutral and energy self-sufficient ecosystem for industry, homes and cities.
We have put our decades of experience in electrification and pioneering digital technologies into practice to create a real-life, zero emission case study, which can be used to inspire change across multiple applications around the world.

Carbon- neutral residential complex

The new residential complex in Maennedorf, Switzerland, meets the demand for low carbon emissions - including carbon neutral energy production and no costs for electricity or heating for the tenants - thanks to ABB smart technology.

ABB LEAF Awards in October 2021!

The ABB LEAF Awards Judging Panel has announced its final official 2020/21 shortlist. Running for over 19 years, all shortlisted entries and winning projects are known for their contribution to the international architectural design industry, and ABB is honored to be headline partner since 5 years now.






“To reach these ambitious climate goals, we have to look at transportation”

On September 9th we celebrated World EV Day. The global event celebrated e-mobility, while also encouraging the transition to sustainable transport. With CO2 levels at an all-time high and continuing to rise, it’s vital that emissions are reduced and this transition to electric transportation is a key way to achieve this.




ABB charges ahead with EV energy delivery compliant to the German Eichrecht

ABB is on track to meet its energy metering commitments, as it secures prestigious Eichrecht compliance for its high-power DC chargers in Germany. A form of calibrated energy metering, Eichrecht is designed to ensure transparent measurement and billing of energy dispensed from EV chargers to car batteries.




Let’s all envision an emission free transport future

Consumer spending on electric car purchases increased to $120 billion in 2020 with EV registrations up 41% compared to 2019. Government investment to support electric vehicle sales also rose by a significant 25% between 2019 and 2020. Encouragingly these trends have further intensified this year, with global EV sales rising approximately 140% in Q1 compared to the same period in 2020.



ABB delivers chargers for revolutionary ‘GRIDSERVE Electric Highway’ EV charging network

Advanced multi-site charging network in the UK will see ABB equipment charge thousands of electric vehicles with its Ultrafast and Fast chargers, making EV charging more straightforward and accessible for drivers.



The Season 8 ABB Formula E calendar is out!

Starting in January 2022, the all-electric world championship will have a 16-race calendar, with three new city venues: Cape Town, Vancouver and Seoul. The full-length Monaco track remains and a return to China is scheduled for June. It's set to be the series' biggest season yet!

Food & Beverage



Power Smart Progress for the future with our webinar series 

Food & Beverage industry faces a variety of challenges, including an increased need for safety, reliability, quality, and flexibility.
Reviewing and improving Customer’s operations can help overcome these challenges, as well as giving them an opportunity to better achieve their sustainability goals.
Join this webinar series “Powering Smart Progress “ - open to our Customers - to learn how ABB can help them to overcome the challenges they’re facing in their plants.
ABB experts will show ABB solutions and strategies to unlock any hidden potential.

Sign-up now:
• Powering Smart Safety - 5 October 2021 | How to improve the safety of your existing installed base to protect against injury downtime, and food recall.

• Powering Smart Efficiency - 6 October 2021 | How to avoid downtime, extend the lifespan of assets and move to predictive maintenance.

• Powering Smart Sustainability - 7 October 2021 | How improving existing equipment can contribute to reducing your energy spend and support with lowering carbon emissions.





Sweden’s only beet sugar factory thinks ABB safety switches are sweet

Sweden is noted for its sweet cakes and pastries, but for all the fame attached to its desserts, Sweden has only one beet sugar factory. ABB is helping ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained at the country’s only sugar production facility.




‘AI will be a game-changer for the storage sector’

As reported by Energy Storage Report, there is no doubt that we will see greater demand for energy storage over the next ten years, largely driven by the increasing penetration of renewables and greater loads from the growth of e-mobility and data centers and the massive amount of data that we are generating.



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