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Microgrids enter the mainstream
Microgrids offer a flexible, modular and scalable solution
For many years local power generation – typically based on diesel generators – has been the standard way to deliver power to islands, remote communities or industrial sites. However, recent years have seen growing awareness and interest in factors such as grid resilience, environmental impact and fossil fuel price volatility, leading energy service providers and end-customers to take a closer look at microgrids. By combining a range of generation sources with energy storage and intelligent load management, microgrids provide reliable, economic and green power supply. They can also be used as black start power or to bolster the grid during periods of heavy demand.
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Microgrids can fly
The story of Solar Impulse 2
This story isn’t about typical land-based microgrid communities — this is about a microgrid in the sky. Solar Impulse 2 is a solar powered airplane without fuel that is setting records by flying around the world. A plane flying around the world only on electricity produced from sunshine could be considered a flying microgrid.
Greg Scheu, President of ABB Americas, explains how microgrids are driving the shift toward a more decentralized, cleaner and more resilient power system. 
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What’s key to the future of the grid?
Understanding microgrid technologies
Thoroughly explore microgrid technologies, applications, benefits and challenges in this Transmission & Distribution World special supplement. Microgrids provide utilities a way to enhance security, improve reliability and reduce outages without a total grid redesign. While new microgrid technology has been decades in the making, it has made the move from niche to mainstream. As a result, the resiliency of the centralized grid is being improved.
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Educational videos
Microgrids used in solar power station
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Enjoy a stronger, smarter, greener grid
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White paper
Integrating high levels of renewables into microgrids 
Review an in-depth look at the technologies and trends that drive the multifaceted microgrid market. 
Microgrids offer tremendous potential to enhance reliability, resilience and long-term energy security, while also decreasing both fossil-fuel dependence and overall energy costs.
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Microgrid knowledge
Green up the grid
Microgrids define the new energy landscape
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Orchestra conductor
All-in-one solution for microgrids
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Solar microgrids
Growing role of energy storage in microgrids
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A renaissance
Combined heat and power microgrids
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