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Why GOOSE is just the tip of the iceberg
A holistic view on IEC 61850 business case
The traditionally hierarchical power system is moving to a much more distributed electric grid with smaller energy producers creating energy from eco-friendly resources such as solar, wind and water. However, these small distributed energy resources are much more difficult to control. Innovative applications and technology that supports higher levels of integration and interaction of the power control and automation systems are needed. A key enabler is open standards, facilitating the seamless interaction of a heterogeneous set of automation controllers, protection devices, SCADA systems and intelligent primary equipment. We all look forward to an even more exciting future through the evolution of the digitals.
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Energy storage in the Arctic
Remote community harnesses wind
Until recently, Kotzebue, Alaska relied on diesel generation for its main power source. The community of more than 3000 people near the Arctic Circle is not connected to a transmission grid. Now, an energy storage system specially equipped with a cold temperature package is helping this community make the most of its wind resources.
Battery energy storage solution enables solar integration in Kauai
This BESS quickly responds to changes in generation levels, allowing for a smooth power output onto the grid.
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Physically securing utility substations
Key questions to ask
Physical attacks on substations, such as trespassing, vandalism, theft and sabotage has highlighted the need for utilities to ensure secure operations. This is a critical task for utility operators, as the costs attributed to repairing equipment, combined with lost revenue from power outages are in the millions. To help utilities reach their substation security and resiliency goals, operation managers are deploying smarter physical defenses. Here are key questions utility operators need to ask to identify their weaknesses.
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Energy storage enables grid flexibility
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Powering rail connecting Europe & Asia
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ABB Review
Station service voltage transformers for small power requirements

Meet the power requirements of a remote community or a substation with just a single unit.

Flexible transformer tank concept mitigates rupture risk

A simple, cost-effective way to reduce tank rupture risk without traditional method disadvantages.

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