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North American Power Education newsletter | January 2018

Power Update


Microgrids with renewable power integration

The microgrid concept is not new and yet its commercial significance is only now becoming apparent. During the age of industrialization, centralized grids that served a large number of consumers from a single primary power source made more economic sense. Microgrids weren’t a cost-effective solution for everyday energy needs. Today however, microgrids that focus on the integration and effective management of renewable energy resources are gaining significance. Their potential as a sensible commercial solution to everyday power needs can be beneficial under many different circumstances.


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Digital substations reduce the electrical connection between high voltage equipment, let the grid run more efficiently and create a safer site. This is achieved by replacing copper signal wires with fiber-optic connectivity. They are gaining traction due to new, high-performance digital sensors that are easy to install and the cost and installation time savings from fewer copper wires.

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Glendale Water & Power's pilot battery storage system (BESS) has confirmed the ability of the battery to respond instantaneously to shifts in system load. Beyond future renewable integration, a BESS also may serve as an emergency source of energy to start up generating units, mitigating the impact of potential unplanned disruptions in service. 

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What does energy storage success look like? Lessons learned from one of the oldest and most powerful battery energy storage systems in the world.

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The Utility Analytics Institute conducted a research study to assess how far the utility industry has progressed in its evolution toward a smart grid and maturation of smart grid analytics. The report includes compelling analytics, success stories, and identifies some daunting challenges. The study found that smart grid analytics offer tremendous value-generation opportunities.

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Emerging technologies

Wireless communication

ABB offers robust and cost effective solutions for building communications links to physically disparate locations, industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) end points and mobile devices across geographies that spans a few miles or thousands of miles.

Making remote systems digitally intelligent and more efficient


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Wireless interoperability fuels the IIoT


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Multi-use wireless network for smart grid communication in Guam


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Wireless cornerstone supports digitalization


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January 23-25
San Antonio, TX

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February 25-28
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April 16-19
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Hannover Messe 
April 23-27 

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