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Ensure transmission grid stability amid changing generation mix
The brave, but complex, new world of transmitting power
Most transmission grid operators look back fondly on the simplicity of dealing with only a small number of large generation sources. Pressed by changing environmental requirements, market shifts, and consumer demands, the range of power generation resource options continues to relentlessly increase in number and complexity. There’s no going back; the question is how best to move forward. You can’t predict the power generation mix of the future, but you can take steps to overcome the resulting challenges and future-proof your transmission network. Read this white paper to learn about the four steps transmission grid owners and operators must take to prepare for the inevitable changes to our evolving electric power supply.
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Sustainable links
HVDC’s role in smart grid evolution
Grids must be able to rapidly, reliably and economically respond to large and unexpected supply-side fluctuations. HVDC is a key enabling technology in realizing this vision. HVDC technology allows rapid and precise control of voltages and power flows. It is reliable and economical, and can be used to flexibly enhance existing AC grids.
HVDC system upgrade - delivering clean, reliable hydropower
Upgrade of world’s first multi-terminal link boosts supply of renewable energy and grid stability.
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Expanding into the future
GM Shrum Station service rehab
More than 85% of the electricity on British Columbia’s transmission grid is supplied by large hydropower plants. The oldest and largest of these hydro facilities is the 10-unit, 2,730-MW GM Shrum Generating Station, owned by BC Hydro. BC Hydro embarked on an extensive multi-year, multi-project upgrade of the plant to realize gains in reliability and efficiency for several key generating components and controls.
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Effilight traction transformers
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Improved power quality on rail network
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ABB Review Technical Journal
Microgrids with renewable power integration
PV diesel hybrid solutions are a cost-effective alternative to solely diesel operated mini grids & grid extensions.
Equipped with extensive electrical and mechanical protection, central inverters are engineered to provide a long and reliable service life of at least 20 years.
Renewable integration
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