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North American Power Update newsletter | October 2019

Power Update


Interactive guide: Prepare for continued renewable generation growth

Check out an interactive guide to learn about the issues stakeholders must address to advance renewable integration. Learn about the complexities involved with advancing renewables, ask questions, download white papers, watch videos and check out links to valuable resources such as research and case studies that illustrate real-live examples and viable solutions.


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With a tremendous growth of electrification of transportation and regulatory regulations to achieve 100% renewable power generation, comes a need for utility companies to address the changes in the energy industry and take advantage of opportunities. With trends in the energy industry such as decarbonization, decentralization, the decrease in battery prices, and fossil fuel volatility, e-mobility is seeing tremendous growth worldwide. Download this white paper to see how you can take advantage of the opportunity to create new business and revenue models! 

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In his second blog post installment, Sal Gill, Global Business Development Manager for ABB’s Power Consulting business, discusses the rising demand of electric vehicles and the huge revenue opportunity it represents for utilities. You don’t want to miss this insightful read. 

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Islands rely on expensive diesel and heavy fuel oil for electricity, implying high costs for consumers. Many islands are committed to reducing their dependence on imported fossil fuels and moving to sustainable options. See how island utilities can lower total costs while increasing the use of renewable energy.

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White papers

The electric grid must be, above all else, reliable. That’s why the integration of renewable generation is perceived to be—at the same time—a transformative opportunity and a formidable threat. We are on the brink of adopting renewable energy at a scale never seen before. To allow renewable power to meet its potential and continue its rapid development, we need long-term planning, investment at the right junctures, and smart grid management at scale. Download this white paper for insights on how to modernize your grid for the integration of renewable energy.

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Product showcase

Solutions for a greener, more sustainable grid

Check out our latest solutions to optimize your grid for renewables!

Microgrids & energy storage
A digital ecosystem of solutions and products that enables the digitalization of distributed energy resources


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DER management
Software solution to keep the grid balanced and optimized in real-time while maintaining system reliability and power quality  


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Service & consulting
Our service and consultant experts can help you make informed decisions on issues such as aging infrastructure and the integration of DERs


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More solutions
See our full offering of renewable integration solutions


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Oct 21-24
Spokane, WA

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Oct 22-23
Boston, MA

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Nov 20
South Plainfield, NJ

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Power Gen 
Nov 19-21
New Orleans, LA

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