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How a transformer can make or break your solar project
Thinking ahead saves headaches, time and money
There are many stages of bankability when building a solar power plant: design, equipment procurement, installation and commissioning, and maintenance. From the inverter to the transformer to the substation, equipment procurement influences all of these areas in powerful ways. It takes significant lead-time to find the right site, file the necessary permits, and start designing the project. Thinking about transformer requirements at the earliest stages of development is critical to ultimate success. Are you thinking ahead?
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Improve field productivity & safety
of oil field workers
While the benefits of mobile data access, such as improved safety and productivity, may be obvious, selecting the right technology may not be. Choosing a private wireless broadband network allows you to link directly to wells and other remote assets, use fewer workers, reduce worker drive time and increase productivity. Private wireless broadband networks can also help you, not only in areas with limited or no cellular service, but even in areas with complete cellular coverage by delivering more system availability and reliability.
In this Uinta Basin Oil Field case study, see how a broadband wireless mesh network for SCADA and mobile workforce provided higher capacity, better coverage and reduced OPEX.
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What’s key to the future of the grid?
Understanding microgrid technologies
Thoroughly explore microgrid technologies, applications, benefits and challenges in this Transmission & Distribution World special supplement. Microgrids provide utilities a way to enhance security, improve reliability and reduce outages without a total grid redesign. While new microgrid technology has been decades in the making, it has made the move from niche to mainstream. As a result, the resiliency of the centralized grid is being improved.
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Educational videos 
Interview with solar & microgrid expert
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Documentary about solar farming
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White papers & technical articles
Microgrids: a primer for policymakers
Microgrids offer utilities and their customers many benefits and could form the basis of the future decentralized grid.
Microgrids have a lot to offer for utilities, as well as end customers, and could form the basis of the decentralized grid of the future.
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