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North American Power Education newsletter | November 2018

Power Update


Manage and control the mega grid

Tomorrow’s grid must carry more power over greater distances and provide more reliability for that electricity. One of the most exciting solutions to this issue is the movement toward a power grid that includes a high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) transmission grid overlaid on the HVAC transmission system. Some have called it a super grid or a mega grid while others refer to it as a hybrid HVAC-HVDC grid, but mega grid fits this discussion more appropriately.


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ABB's Rob Massoudi, discusses the transition that’s currently underway in grids around the world and pulls back the curtain on what the future grid might look like including distributed generation, storage, data and electric vehicles.

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ABB Ability TXpert combines ABB’s world-class transformer expertise with digital technologies and advanced analytics to provide actionable insights into transformer and grid health.


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Introducing TXpert, the world's first digital distribution transformer.

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White papers

Better cooperation between regulatory entities and more efficient long-term plans are needed to coordinate future generation and transmission investments. This will help ensure successful integration of renewables to the power grid while increasing real-time reliability of the grid and economic efficiency of generation and transmission investments.

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Product Showcase

Cable accessories and apparatus

ABB offers products you need to keep the power flowing efficiently and reliably through all of the distribution networks that crisscross the landscape. Whether systems are overhead or underground, our broad family of electrical solutions enables us to support your design, construction and maintenance requirements economically, reliability and safety.

Elastimold advanced connection system on LinkedIn


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Elastimold advanced connection system product sheet


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Cable accessories and apparatus offering, highlights and tools


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Hi-Tech current-limiting fuse resources and contacts


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Conferences & Events

POWER-GEN International 
Dec 4-6 
Orlando, FL

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DistribuTECH Conference  
Feb 5-7 
New Orleans, LA

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ABB Customer World
March 4-7
Houston, TX

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CERAWeek Conference
March 11-15
Houston, TX

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