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North American Power Education newsletter | May 2018

Power Update


Unplanned outages: Four keys to assessing risk and prioritizing maintenance

Classic preventive maintenance practices remain ingrained in the power industry culture in spite of the tremendous potential of predictive, condition-based, and reliability-centered alternatives. Condition-based, predictive maintenance has become significantly easier and more automated in recent years, and the cost to implement the practice is falling. Maintenance that is prioritized based on current asset conditions enables safer, more reliable operation and extends equipment life. Power companies today rely on increasingly sophisticated equipment components such as transformers, circuit breakers and switchgear that are vital to reliable operation. It is components like these that benefit most by using condition-based, reliability-centered strategies that are targeted, timely and effective, and more likely to prevent costly unplanned downtime.


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Using intelligent electronic devices is the first building block that will enable the link of the smart devices to the transformer. Next, a maintenance-free and easy to install technology is needed to monitor the gases and assess the transformer’s performance.


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Power transformers: Prevent long term outages with new technology that monitors and protects your most critical assets.

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To help utilities comply with NERC Standard TPL – 007, ABB has developed Universal Models that can be used expediently for the magnetic and thermal GIC assessment of power transformers on their fleets using only name plate data and information from test reports, saving the need for detailed design data.


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Geomagnetic events: How to mitigate the impact of geomagnetic events and comply with the FERC reliability standard.

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White papers

Grid operators today take a holistic approach when considering the range of threats (cyber and physical, natural and human-caused) to their systems. Discover technologies and practices that can prevent outages and mitigate their impact if and when they do occur. 

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Emerging technologies

The world’s first digitally integrated power transformer

All ABB power transformers will come with digital capabilities, enabling remote monitoring and data analytics of their vital parameters in real time. This will enhance reliability and enable higher utilization of grid assets and power networks.

ABB Ability™ Power Transformer with integrated digital capabilities right ‘out of the box’.



ABB Ability™ TXplore submersible transformer inspection robot.



ABB Ability™ Power Transformer leads a new era in transformer technology.



Control your future, transform theirs with ABB Ability™ Power Transformers.




Building transformers to last webinar
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June 12, 10 am ET

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