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North American Power Education newsletter | July 2018

Power Update


The near-term outlook for energy storage

Now is the time for existing utilities, IPP generation asset owners, and new facility investors to embrace the maturing of storage technologies, the decrease in prices for deployment, and a more promising regulatory environment. Simple paybacks for installations in the most prime areas will typically be in the 1-3 year range. This should stimulate development for new storage elements at existing generation sites, as well as grid-critical substation nodes. The changes brought about by deployments of utility scale storage will be as profound as the penetrations of renewable sources and cheap natural gas, and at least as fast.


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Grid Assurance, with support from ABB and other companies, is helping American utilities shape the first strategic national transformer spare program. Once the inventory is established, a strategic reserve must also employ cost-effective, practical maintenance and storage plans.

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Watch this free, on-demand, ABB webinar to learn more about utilizing private wireless communication networks on the digital grid.


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Central Hudson utility builds communications foundation to deploy multiple applications and scale for future needs.

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White papers

The evolution of DERMS and the assets they control is happening rapidly. Presently, the industry stands at an early crossroads, with a substantial majority of utilities indicating plans to implement DERMS in the near future, but with less clarity around how those systems will be integrated with existing distribution management systems. 

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Innovative solutions

Improving power quality

Good power quality is a key building block of a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

Causes and solutions for load imbalance


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Causes and solutions for voltage variation


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Causes and solutions for low power factor


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Causes and solutions for harmonic pollution


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Formula E
July 14-15
New York, NY

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PAC World
Aug 21-23
Raleigh, NC

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Solar Power
Sept 24-27
Anaheim, CA

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Doble Breaker
Oct 1-5
Jackson, MS

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