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North American Power Education newsletter | February 2018

Power Update


Physical security: Resiliency against long-term outages

To help utilities reach their substation security and resiliency goals, operation managers are deploying smarter physical defenses that work hand-in-hand with a reliable and secure communication network to shore up substation defenses, decrease reaction times and improve the speed of restoration. While absolute physical security is not practically achievable, it is possible to lessen the damage. We recommend a layered approach to security.


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Guam Power Authority (GPA) implemented a smart grid program to modernize infrastructure, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. Through a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, GPA was awarded US $16.7 million to help fund 50% of a grid modernization project.

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Optimizing an asset maintenance strategy around an asset’s criticality is vital to maximizing the return on investment in the asset.


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ABB launches new ABB Ability Ellipse software solution, delivering a cross-enterprise approach to connected asset lifecycle management.

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White papers

Statistical methods are applied to data from on-line monitoring systems in order to properly calculate trends and identify outliers. These assessment methods emulate off-line condition assessment studies or troubleshooting by experts. As a result, the massive flow of data automatically turns into actionable information to support asset managers, maintenance and operation personnel in their daily decisions.

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Iconic partnerships

ABB FIA Formula E

The ABB FIA Formula E Championship unites two pioneers at the forefront of electrification and digital technologies. This year, ABB became title sponsor of the world’s first fully electric, international FIA motorsport series.

ABB and Formula E: pioneers united in a new era of technological leadership



ABB title sponsor to the world’s first fully electric international FIA motorsport series


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ABB FIA Formula E Championship heats up the streets in Santiago, Chile


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Partnering to write the future of e-mobility – one electrifying race at a time


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Conferences & events

February 25-28
Nashville, TN

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Texas A&M Relay 
March 26-29 
College Station, TX

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April 8-13 
Boston, MA

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April 16-19
Denver, CO

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