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Do you know what your network is doing?
For good reason, more utilities are implementing comprehensive network management systems to streamline the deployment, optimization, maintenance and control of their communication networks. At this point in power grid evolution, the older model of multiple disparate networks under various management systems is not only unsustainable, but potentially devastating to business goals and customer relations. Network management systems provide the ability to enable (near) real-time performance management, which allows the capability to push key analytics at the right time so that critical decisions can be made in an automated and intelligent manner.
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The case for HVDC in the US
Enhance reliability & resiliency
Unlike the US, the rest of the world uses high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) extensively on their transmission builds to strengthen the electric grid. Read more to understand the US HVDC business case, how it can resolve some of your current grid issues and how it allows you to take full advantage of the rising use of intelligent devices.
The Maritime Link Project uses HVDC Light to facilitate the integration of renewable energy and stabilize the electrical grid in northern Canada.
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The future looks bright for renewables in the US
Renewable experts summarize what’s important to the industry
A five year tax credit extension for new renewable construction was granted as part of a bipartisan spending bill signed late in December of 2015. This bill included many compromises between the Democrats and Republicans, one of which will change the power generation industry in the US. In case you didn’t get to read the 2,000 page bill over the holidays, our renewable experts have summarized what’s important to the industry.
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Educational Videos
Most powerful battery energy storage
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Enabling grids of the future with GIS
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White Papers & Technical Articles
Design and development of industrial microgrids
Explore the feasibility of industrial microgrids by modelling an actual industrial network.
Pass steps up 
ABB has stepped up the voltage level of PASS - a preassembled, pretested, easy to transport and install, high-voltage hybrid switchgear.
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Doble Clients
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HV Academy
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EUCI Conferences 10% OFF
April 14-15, San Jose, CA
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April 18-19, Durham, NC 
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Solar plant design
April 25-26, Phoenix, AZ
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PV inverters
April 28-29, Phoenix, AZ
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