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North American Power Education newsletter | October 2017

Power Update


An in-depth look at AEP's Asset Health Center

To protect their employees, contractors, the public and assets, American Electric Power (AEP) needed a tool to monitor the health of vital equipment, analyze data and signal alarms whenever abnormal conditions were observed. This need for a better way to predict equipment failures led to a partnership with ABB and the creation of the Asset Health Center. AEP can now prioritize asset replacement based on condition and performance, not simply age - saving them time and money.


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Today, it's possible to utilize both digital monitoring, as well as offline data and inspections to identify emerging power transformer issues. Transformers outfitted with both sensors that monitor critical parameters, and the intelligence to bring the data together, can actually call for help well before plant operations are impacted, preventing the costs and challenges of unplanned outages.

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The sky's the limit with system refinements for digital equipment that can lengthen equipment longevity, reduce O&M costs, increase system flexibility and resiliency, improve safety and much more. Digital substations should be the brains behind every modern, highly functioning, automated electric system.


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The digital grid series
How do we make sense of today's sensing?
November 2, 2017 at 2:00 PM ET

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White papers

For over a century, the US power industry has delivered a reliable, low-cost supply of electricity that has driven economic development and unprecedented improvements to quality of life. The grid design, however, did not anticipate the changes now facing the industry. The overriding theme in the US electricity industry today is certainty that things are changing, but uncertainty about how the changes will be implemented. Read more in this perspective on stewardship, innovation and the role of the electric utility in the 21st century.

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Emerging trends

Ready or not, EVs are coming

Every day brings new headlines from automakers and analysts alike, projecting a very steep growth curve for electric vehicles over the next decade. For utilities, this means a significant new load is coming onto the grid. This may pose a challenge but it’s also a big opportunity. Proactive work today with customers, regulators and industry experts will lead to commercially healthy programs that can benefit all ratepayers, while delivering an ideal EV driver experience.

Fitting driver's needs
Create the best site experience by finding the right charging solution for each site.


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DCFC evaluator’s guide
Understand how to evaluate charging systems to ensure optimal operation.


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Standards key to eBus adoption
Cleaner, quieter and lower maintenance, yet standards are key to eBus adoption.


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Western Protective Relay
October 17 - 19  
Spokane, WA 

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October 17 - 20 
St. Paul, MN

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IEEE transformer committee
Oct 29 - Nov 2
Louisville, KY

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Empowering Cities
November 7 - 8
Chicago, IL

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