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The smart substation
The digitalization of the electrical substation

The world has gone digital and that includes the electricity industry. It’s hard to remember the time when relays were simple electromechanical devices without firmware, communications interfaces or multi-functionality. The industry had to bridge the gap between aging analog devices and digital technologies. Today, there is not a single component in a substation that has not been enhanced, enriched or augmented by some form of embedded digital technology, making them operate better at higher ratings with more reliability than ever before. However, the challenge now is integrating all of these elements into a totally digital substation and making it work in a demanding environment.


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The digital grid and beyond
T&D World special supplement
Discover how the Internet of Things, Services and People (IoTSP) is poised to make the smart grid smarter; how tomorrow's grid needs intelligent networks of intelligent substations; and how edge-of-grid innovation is leading the power grid's greatest transformation in three articles in T&D World's special digital grid supplement.
The opportunities offered by integration of IT and OT can lead to the prevention of mission-critical failures, benefiting the utilities involved and the millions who rely on their assets. 
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At the grid’s edge
Transitioning into an interconnected digital grid
Future energy demands require the grid’s edge to be interactive and automated. It has to be more efficient, reliable and capable of carrying high-quality power, with better operational performance. That’s a big order, but new digital technologies are key. The transition from the grid of today to the grid of tomorrow will be as profound as all the advances in power systems over the last 100 years, but in a fraction of the time. In the end, fully realized distributed intelligence from the grid’s edge will benefit all stakeholders.
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What makes a grid smart?
Spoiler alert: people
Most of us think of smart grids as T&D modernization efforts to incorporate digital technology that facilitates the collection, processing and exchange of information allowing interoperability and communication between connected devices. However, it is not just a device or piece of electronic equipment that makes the grid smart. It’s the combination of the piece of equipment or hardware and properly developed, coordinated and installed information and operation technology software. 
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Bridging the gap between IT and OT
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Digital substations
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Digital substations
Protection and control system impacts from the digital world 
Delve into the benefits and challenges of the digital world 
Digital substation case study
ABB enables first digital substation in the UK to improve efficiency & safety. ABB will contribute its grid automation technology to this project, which will enable a digital substation scheme to protect, monitor and control the transmission network in parts of Scotland.

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Digital substations
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