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North American Power Education newsletter | September 2018

Power Update


Is there a gold standard for electric distribution grids?

A number of utilities around the country and internationally might argue that the “gold standard” in the electric distribution world is an advanced distribution management system (ADMS). They installed customized systems in response to unsatisfactory system performance during a major disturbance or growing system complexity that demanded faster or more finely tuned system control. Is it possible that someday ADMS will become mandatory for utilities?


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Despite all the issues facing the 21st century grid, one of the most transformative developments is poised to impact the grid: large-scale electricity interconnections. The technology is available and has matured to the point that an HVDC grid is going to happen. Initiating the first mega grid is an ambitious enterprise, but the time has come.

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In this age of big data, we should not forget that collaboration and alignment are still vitally important outcomes of our predictions. Take a detailed look at the context of and requirements for asset performance management processes as this field evolves and incorporates the advancements of big data.


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Using condition-based asset management for performance improvements, cost reductions & risk mitigation.

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As the utility industry evolves to embrace renewables and microgrids and to adapt to ever-changing regulations, the integrated resource planning process will continue to become more complex. Take advantage of industry-proven solutions for effective and reliable road maps for long-term success.

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Utility solutions

ABB Power Grids storm response capabilities

Utilize these resources to learn how utilities can anticipate, mitigate and recover from major storm events faster. 

Lessons learned in storm readiness: three areas you should not overlook


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DTE wireless mesh network put to the test by Michigan storm


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Digital substation helps Con Ed in NY guard against storm chaos


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Protecting against extreme weather augments grid resiliency


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Solar Power
Sept 24-27
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