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How new transmission can unlock 10 times more renewables
Hotly-contested power line construction will be key
A new assessment of the Eastern U.S. grid shows it will theoretically be able to handle 30% renewables within 10 years, but only with serious upgrades to the bulk power system. The forecast takes into account only existing technologies, but that doesn’t mean the capability will be automatic.

Increasing on today’s 40 GW of wind and solar in the region will only make sense if there’s adequate transmission to deliver the electricity to off-takers. Whether that will happen remains up in the air, experts told Utility Dive.
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Protection & control systems
Impacts from the Digital World
The Digital World has brought many benefits, but also introduces challenges. Understanding these impacts is paramount in the adoption of modern monitoring and control systems. Improving substation automation protection and control systems can also greatly improve the overall power system performance. 
ABB Ability will bring together software, housing the digital offering and upping our Industrial Internet of Things capabilities across a scalable, horizontal plane throughout its divisions.
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Improve high voltage reliability
Lower total cost of ownership with preventive maintenance
High voltage circuit breakers are an important power grid component for system switching and protection. These critical assets are a significant investment for grid owners so keeping them reliable and making them last longer will lower the total cost of ownership. Preventive maintenance is the key to achieving these two goals. There are five preventive maintenance steps we recommend you implement into your yearly maintenance plan for high voltage circuit breakers.
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Moving a 155-ton transformer in 4 hours
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First eco efficient GIS installation
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White paper
Ensuring transmission grid stability as the power generation mix changes
Mitigate risks to grid stability from an increasingly diverse power generation mix.
“Many renewable plants produce significantly more power than can be transmitted and the generators are forced to curtail production, resulting in a revenue loss. Energy storage can help recoup those losses.”
- Pat Hayes, Business Development Manager for Energy Storage Solutions at ABB
Product showcase: Energy efficient transformers
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ABB Review
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