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North American Power Education newsletter | June 2017

Power Update


Transformer shootings: 'An alarming outbreak'

Recently, there's been modest but alarming outbreak of gun attacks on substation transformers. These critical devices account for fewer than 3% of the transformers in U.S. substations, but they carry as much as 70% of the nation’s power, according to a 2014 report by CRS. ABB worked with electric utilities and the U.S. Department of Energy to come up with the Substation Physical Security and Resiliency Initiative, which lays out a five-step approach to shielding electric transmission and distribution systems against attacks, as well as natural threats.

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Radical decentralization may not be upon us yet, but microgrids are most certainly advancing. Their potential to increase reliability and facilitate the integration of more renewables, not to mention provide a new line of business for utilities, is tremendous. Learn more about the regulatory, market and technical changes needed to realize a microgrid future.

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With modern network connectivity throughout the field, teams can reliably access data to make better, timelier decisions about the health of the remote asset, possibly delaying an emergency site visit or a future scheduled trip. Because they spend less time on the road, teams are safer, more productive and able to meet the daily challenges of upstream operations.

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ABB to provide wireless network products & services for the deployment of smart meters across Memphis to improve efficiency of electricity, water & gas supplies.

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ABB Review

Although transformers have a high efficiency – typically above 99% – the industry-wide energy losses are significant due to the huge number installed. This is one reason why environmental performance legislation is increasingly regulating transformer performance. In a utility-scale solar power installation, every Watt of power lost is one that cannot be sold. Find out how operators can reduce losses and maximize the return on investment from their transformer fleet.

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ABB News

REACT inverter with built-in battery that stores solar generated energy

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New distribution transformer for greater resilience in harsh environments

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ABB provides reliable power supply for Canadian Data Center

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New microgrid technology lights up rural communities and businesses

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June 27-30
Denver, CO

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PAC World
August 29-31
Raleigh, NC

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Solar Power
September 10-13
Las Vegas, NV

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Red TIE Seminar
September 12
Denver, CO

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