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North American Power Education newsletter | November 2017

Power Update


Going digital: A look at the modern substation

When operators leverage digital technology and power systems in real time, it leads to significant improvements in grid reliability, increased site and worker safety, and reduced power interruptions. Enter, the digital revolution. Digital substations reduce the electrical connection between high-voltage equipment, let the grid run more efficiently, and create a safer work site. This is done by replacement of copper signal wires with fiber-optic connectivity. Additionally, the industrial internet of things (IIoT) is able to offer data on demand to optimize overall substation performance — often letting operators work from the comfort and safety of an offsite office.


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Communication is the key enabler for the digital utility transformation. Industrial-grade, multi-application networks provide the best return on smart grid investment. As utilities look to do more by deploying larger numbers of devices and collecting new data points, they are learning from early adopters and demanding more from their communication networks. Discover five trends shaping communication solutions.

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Energy storage systems can maintain grid stability and reliability and thus provide an important contribution to the evolution of the electrical power grid. However, energy storage can do even more than that: Placing energy storage strategically across utility fleets can also offer new ways to enhance the provision and pricing of electrical energy and associated services and provide a way to optimize the entire power system.


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What does energy storage success look like?
Tune in December 7 at 2 PM EST for lessons learned from one of the oldest and most powerful battery energy storage systems in the world.

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White papers

Power transformers are among the most critical assets on the power grid. Improve the physical security of power infrastructure, especially that of large power transformers, by leveraging vibroacoustic sensors, real-time impact detection and edge analytics.

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Emerging trends

Digital substations 

As power generation sources become increasingly distributed, intermittent and volatile, achieving the levels of control and performance needed requires a more intelligent, efficient and reliable grid. This is now possible thanks to significant advances in grid automation technology in recent years, including the development of digital substations. 

Increase safety, productivity and reliability and reduce the overall substation cost



Dependable substation performance is a key factor for grid reliability



Bridging the gap between analog and digital technologies brings unseen opportunities



ABB digital substation offering, highlights and downloads




December 5-7 
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