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What superPOWERs do you need to solve tomorrow’s challenges?
Let ABB make you a superhero in booth #5216 at IEEE
With the new challenges spurred by the evolving grid, you need answers to save the day. Come by our booth to talk to our experts and discover new technologies, industry best practices and comprehensive solutions to solve your most pressing issues – helping you become a superhero within your company. You might even find out the only difference between a comic book superpower and your superpower is that yours can be real! Visit ABB at IEEE in booth #5216 to address your most pressing issues and realize your superpower potential.

Enjoy a sneak peak of a couple of our superheroes in this special IEEE edition of Power Update. 
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Switchgear technology breakthrough
Eco-efficient alternative to SF6
Experts continue research to find sustainable alternatives to even well-established technologies. This is the case with SF6, a man-made gas used extensively as the dielectric medium in switchgear. However, SF6, a greenhouse gas, requires careful handling and can entail substantial costs. Now there’s an eco-friendly alternative.
On the path towards lower environmental impact, ABB has developed alternatives to the greenhouse gas, SF6, and has commissioned the world's first pilot with an eco-efficient gas mixture.
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Integrating high levels of renewables into microgrids
Opportunities, challenges and strategies
Overall North American microgrid capacity is expected to more than double in the next five years. At the same time, microgrid applications are becoming more diverse, reflecting the needs of a growing number of owners and operators. Reliability, resiliency, fuel cost issues and renewable integration are some of the issues driving microgrid proliferation. But in this developing market, substantial technical and economic issues remain. Addressing them is essential for any would-be microgrid developer. Explore the trends and implications.
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Optimizing performance
Using connected asset lifecycle management
Once upon a time, data gathering was the problem; utilities had no way to see the big picture. With the advent of now-ubiquitous software systems and the rapidly growing convergence of information technology (IT) and operations technology (OT), there is plenty of data. However, today, utilities often have trouble making sense of the big picture. To capitalize on this convergence, utilities need to be able to leverage the information from these diverse sources to get (near) real-time views into the actual condition of assets on the network.
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Join ABB at IEEE in booth #5216
On hand to document your transformation from a mere booth visitor to superhero is Len Peralta, a nationally-known artist, illustrator, cartoonist & speed drawer.
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