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North American Power Update newsletter | August 2019

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#AmericanWindWeek is happening now!

American Wind Week is this week, August 11 through August 17 where we all join together to celebrate America’s #1 source of renewable energy capacity. Each year in August, elected officials will visit wind farms and factories across the country to show their support. You can get involved by sharing on social media, requesting a proclamation from your mayor or governor, or attending a live event! Here at ABB, we are sharing our best content with you! Take advantage of the below resources and join the conversation!  


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The power grid runs on alternating current (AC) thanks to Nicola Tesla besting Thomas Edison in the “war of currents” over 100 years ago. AC won because (at the time) it was the best way to transmit power over longer distances. In recent years, advances in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology have made DC transmission not only economically competitive with AC alternatives, but a key enabler for increasing grid reliability and connecting low-cost and clean energy resources such as wind and solar.

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Transformers are key electrical components that adapt voltage levels of electricity to reduce losses and maximize grid efficiency. In the case of wind farms, the ideal location for transformers is inside the wind turbine tower. ABB’s engineers have specifically designed the WindSTAR transformers that are extra resilient against strong vibrations and extreme and sudden movements encountered in locations such as towers of floating wind farms and off-shore platforms, while keeping them compact and light weight. 

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Introducing PowerStore™,  a reliable containerized plug-and-play microgrid solution, available in various ratings with a standardized specification for installations including remote villages as well as industry and utilities. PowerStore™ is the heartbeat of any microgrid and its “Virtual Generator” can form the grid, integrating up to 100% of renewable energy; enabling affordable and reliable power whenever and wherever it is needed.

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Learn how transformers for renewables enhance energy efficiency, mitigate project and operational risks by incorporating the most innovative digital technologies to secure network reliability to levels not achieved until now.

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The shift towards distributed renewable electricity generation results in new challenges to the power grid. Grid Codes have been amended to reflect these additional challenges. From a Grid Code perspective, onshore and offshore Wind Power Plants (WPP) consisting of many Wind Turbine Generators (WTG) are seen as one system comparable to a conventional power plant. 

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Product showcase

Onshore and offshore wind power solutions

Check out our latest solutions to optimize the performance of wind farm.

Essential in the transmission of high quality power with minimal loss for offshore wind farms.


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Essential solutions for wind power, including SVC, STATCOM and Series Compensation 


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A complete range of liquid-filled and dry-type transformers for onshore and offshore wind applications


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More solutions
See our full offering of wind power solutions


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PAC World
Aug 19-22
Raleigh, NC

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SSO Seminar
Sept 10-12
Raleigh, NC

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CIGRE Canada
Sept 16-19  
Québec, Canada

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Offshore Wind 
Oct 22-23 
Boston, MA

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