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Hulking transformers prove a challenge for vulnerable grid
Exercise to strengthen physical security and resiliency
Today, the US is more dependent than ever on reliable electric power for residential, commercial and industrial use. Fewer than 3% of the nation’s transformers in US substations are high voltage power transformers, but they carry 60-70% of the nation’s electricity, so an attack on these critical pieces of equipment could be devastating.

This is why 350 utilities and 4,000 people took part in the recent GridEx III "war games". The exercise was designed to test the cyber and physical security readiness of the North American electric grid, including the availability and mobility of large power transformers.
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Grid-hardening initiative debuts
Federal standards loom
Utilities are shoring up their assets following hundreds of attacks on our nation’s substations in recent years. To assist these efforts, ABB developed a five-tiered "Substation Physical Security and Resiliency Initiative". It centers on equipment hardening and includes steps for security assessments, monitoring, repairs and rapid equipment replacement.
ABB's philosophy on physical security and resiliency consists of a layered approach with five key elements to best protect against attacks and quickly recover when an incident occurs.
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Waves of utility investments
How the past affects the future
Since inception, the term “Smart Grid” has gained multiple evolving definitions. In retrospect, the industry can identify waves of investment that have shaped the grid into a smarter, more modern and more intelligent entity to improve reliability, efficiency, resiliency and sustainability. What does the next wave entail?
Watch this on demand webinar to explore smart grid waves of investment in technologies and how they will affect tomorrow's power systems and utility practices.
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Educational videos
Volt/VAr control and optimization
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CEOs share insights on renewables
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Digital substations
Enabling digital substations
The smarter grid needs a smarter substation, and it has to be digital.
Performance considerations in digital substation applications
The paper discusses performance considerations and requirements in digital substations and revisits requirements for products.
Solar + Storage
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ARC Forum
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Physical security
Portal on physical security and resiliency.
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How to improve reliability & equipment life.
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