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North American Power Education newsletter | June 2018

Power Update


Next-gen grid relies on energy storage

Smart grid technologies have increased the grid’s efficiency. They also have improved its resilience and addressed power-quality issues, but energy storage technology has been quietly becoming an important part of those strategies. Significant emphasis has been put on energy storage systems (ESS), making the power grid stronger and more resistant to outside forces such as extreme weather, congestion and security issues. A growing emphasis also has been placed on the regionalization of the power-delivery system to make it less vulnerable to disruptions.


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One of Europe’s largest power utilities has successfully completed its part of the smart grid R&D project, Grid4EU Demonstrator No. 2. The overall objective of the project was to identify cost-efficient and supplier-independent solutions for the monitoring and control of low- and medium-voltage networks to fulfill future demands by customers.

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Energy Secretary, Rick Perry, was in Kodiak, Alaska, recently to learn more about how the island manages its renewable energy microgrid. Hopefully, he liked what he saw and will use the knowledge gained on this trip to promote microgrid technology in other areas of the US. Puerto Rico, for instance, could benefit greatly from such microgrid systems.


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Innovative solution enables Kodiak Island to integrate more renewable energy and stabilize power supply across its remote and isolated microgrid.

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White papers

Transitioning from time based to condition or reliability (performance) based maintenance, allows your maintenance staff to focus their efforts on performing actions that improve equipment reliability.

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Product showcase

Tru-Break™ switchgear module

Elastimold® solid-dielectric molded vacuum switches, interrupters and switchgear are now available with the Tru-Break switchgear module that makes it easy for linemen to switch the handle to the open position and visually verify the isolating gap in the conducting path.

Web page for Tru-Break switchgear with information, links and downloads



Video on the features and benefits of Elastimold Tru-Break switchgear



A single-page infographic with the value propositions of Elastimold Tru-Break switchgear



Six page brochure on Tru-Break switchgear including features, ratings and dimensions 




July 10-12 
San Francisco, CA

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Formula E
July 14-15
New York, NY

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Solar Power 
Sept 24-27 
Anaheim, CA

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Doble Breaker 
Sept 30-Oct 4
Nashville, TN 

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