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North American Power Update newsletter | September 2019

Power Update


Three areas you should not overlook when it comes to storm readiness

It has often been said that nothing can make or break a utility like a storm. In light of the recent aftermath of Hurricane Dorian, which has raised awareness about what is working and not working with our power equipment, we would like to share three important ways to improve grid resiliency in the face of increasingly extreme storms and to prevent against future damage.



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Severe weather is the number one cause of power outages in the United States and costs utilities billions of dollars each year in lost output and wages, damaged inventory, delayed production, inconvenience and damage to grid infrastructure. This on-demand webinar focuses on how utilities can anticipate, mitigate and recover from major storm events faster.

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Dustin Prescott, Market Director for ABB's Grid Integration Business, provides his thoughts to Energy Central on the best ways utilities can prepare for storm damage on power infrastructure. See how you can prepare!

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Cloud-based digital twins deliver significant advantages. However, deploying the cloud-trained digital twin at the edge opens up new opportunities for autonomous systems, such as novel real-time artificial intelligence (AI) applications based on self-learning.

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ABB’s validated simulation models accurately reproduce entire HVDC Light substations and associated wiring. EMC investigations can be performed reliably during the design, commissioning and operation phases – increasing uptime and reducing costs.

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After Hurricane Sandy caused widespread power outages in New York in 2012, Con Edison was determined to improve their infrastructure - moving towards digitally-enabled technology, which improves reliability and safety and eliminates downtime. 

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White papers

EVs are here, in part driven by environmental concerns, and in part driven by economic opportunities and keen consumer interest. EVs—in concert with the integration of renewables—are poised to re-make the power grid, offering enticing revenue streams and grid services. Solutions are now being developed to build in the flexibility as well as efficiency and cleanliness required to meet the new demand that is expected to arise from EV use.

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Product showcase

Power grids storm response capabilities

When disaster strikes, it is critical for power equipment to be returned to service safely and as quickly as possible. We can support you with assessments, repairs, replacements, testing and more! For ABB assistance, contact your local sales representative or our 24 hour hotline at 1-800-HELP-365

We can repair, refurbish or upgrade your unit based on your needs in a cost efficient manner. 


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Circuit breakers
We provide round-the-clock support to evaluate, repair and test your equipment for safe energization. 


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HV Switchgear
We provide repair and replace solutions for gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) and hybrid switchgear.


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Service solutions
See our full offering of electric power equipment assessments, repairs and replacements. 


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Sept 16-19
Québec, Canada

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Québec City, Canada

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Oct. 22-23
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Nov 19-21
New Orleans, LA

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