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Prototype spare transformer increases substation resiliency
Rapid recovery transformer advancements boost reliability
Rapid recovery transformer advancements – as well as new assessment, monitoring, hardening and rapid repair capabilities – can help utilities boost grid reliability and minimize exposure to potential attacks and outages. The advantages and potential of these rapid recovery transformers, coupled with wider access to spare large power transformers and the ability of utilities to quickly assess, monitor, harden and replace this equipment, will better prepare our power grid for any emergency situation in the coming years.
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Microgrids: more than remote power
Deployment in grid-connected areas
Recent years have seen a significant growth in interest in microgrids as a way of providing access to electricity in off-grid locations like remote villages, mines and islands. Now, they are increasingly being deployed as a way to improve local power resilience, reduce reliance on fossil fuel and defer large-scale grid investments.
How innovative solutions enable Kodiak island to integrate more renewable energy and stabilize the power supply across its remote and isolated microgrid.
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Break free
Intelligent fault handling
As well as inconveniencing customers, unplanned outages can cost utilities several million dollars a year in regulator fines. In recent years, outage frequency has increased with the rise in grid-connected renewable energy. By putting in place better management of faults and outages, utilities can improve their performances on these measures, reduce fines and improve their profitability.
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Tailored automation for wind generation
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Easy upgrade from DPU2000R to REF615R
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White papers
Battery/diesel grid-connected microgrids
A large-scale, industry-based case study of future microgrid capabilities.
Transforming asset information management
How integrated information management throughout the asset lifecycle cuts costs and improves reliability and safety.
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