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North American Power Education newsletter | July 2019

Power Update


New! Power quality solutions brochure

Many of us have experienced the consequences of poor power quality. These might be as simple as a washing machine or dishwasher malfunction, or a flicker on the computer screen in the office. Or they may cause a deeper impact like equipment breakdown at an industrial plant, potentially resulting in considerable losses, damages and penalties. Download this brochure to see how you can improve your power quality for a stronger, smarter and greener grid. 


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Modern electrical networks continue to grow in complexity due to significant investments in Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like wind and solar which contribute larger portion of the energy mix. Additionally, large data centers, electric vehicles charging and high-speed railways are growing as energy consumers. This diversity of both sources and demand presents challenges for producers and consumers of electricity to maintain grid stability along with network power quality.

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Voldemort is the primary villain in the famous Harry Potter series by J K Rowling. In the books, his rise to power is marked by atrocities so horrifying that few wizards dare to even speak his name. He is also a stark example of the havoc evil can wreak, if allowed to grow unabated in something that is inherently good and powerful. Power quality works somewhat in a similar manner.

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White papers

For decades, sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) has been the predominant insulation medium for switchgear due to its technical properties. ABB has been developing and deploying alternatives to this greenhouse gas on the path towards greater ecoefficiency and lower environmental impact and is now commissioning the world’s first pilot with a new eco-efficient gas mixture.

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New product showcase

Power quality solutions

Check out our latest solutions to improve power quality

Capacitors & filters
Eliminate disturbances and improve power factor in line with grid requirements


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Surge arresters
Primary protection against atmospheric and switching over voltages


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Shunt reactors
Alternative for controlling network voltage stability 


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More solutions
See our full offering of power quality solutions


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July 13-14
New York, NY

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July 24
Ann Arbor, MI

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SSO Seminar
Sept 10-12
Raleigh, NC

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CIGRE Canada
Sept 16-19  
Québec, Canada

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