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North American Power Education newsletter | July 2017

Power Update


Managing assets on the electric grid

Utilities use intelligent digital components to monitor their operational parameters and the parameters of the systems they make up. Now, this data can be sent for analysis to centralized digital asset management platforms through the Internet of Things (IoT) or standard communications channels, and be used by utilities to improve their internal processes. In this article, several utilities share their experiences with digital asset technology.

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A new study found smart solid state transformers (SSTs) could be used to let power distribution systems route renewable energy from homes and businesses into the grid. This would improve efficient use of renewable energy and storage, but it's been mostly conceptual. SSTs can move this smart grid concept into a reality.

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Digital substations are gaining traction, with real-world commercial installations now accepted among utilities. Main enablers for this technology are the non-conventional instrument transformers and standalone merging units using IEC 61850 process bus communication. IEC 61850 can improve the overall reliability and resiliency of the 21st century substation using digital communication.

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White papers

The need for a collaborative process is consistently identified as a fundamental challenge to improving asset management.

This paper will look in more detail at the context of and requirements for APM processes as this field evolves and incorporates the advancements of big data.

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Emerging trends

Enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid

A considerable amount of future electricity will come from renewable energy sources, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and lowering emissions. These renewables need to be integrated into grids that are able to manage new complexities such as intermittent supply, more distributed power generation, demand management and electric vehicles. The evolving power system needs to be increasingly flexible and interconnected, as well as more reliable and intelligent.

Pioneering microgrids
ABB is a pioneer in the microgrids field and offers a range of solutions in the fast-growing segment

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Interconnecting grids
ABB's HVDC technology is helping make the vision of a more interconnected grid a reality

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Automating the grid
ABB offers advanced smart grid technologies to meet the challenges of an evolving power landscape

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Powering transportation
ABB's rail and transportation technology is meeting the challenges of more sustainable mobility

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Energy Storage
August 8-10
San Diego, CA

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PAC World
August 29-31
Raleigh, NC

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Solar Power
September 10-13
Las Vegas, NV

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October 2-6
Pittsburgh, PA

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