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Alaska utility to boost reliability in Anchorage
Microgrid solution blends flywheel and battery storage
Alaska power customers have typically faced high electric bills, the result of tenuously-connected remote communities and the high cost to serve them. Alaska's Chugach Electric Association's Anchorage-area project will be used to test scalability and improve power stability for roughly 300,000 people. The company will use a modular, container-housed microgrid solution to blend flywheel and battery storage. The flywheel will facilitate the integration of fluctuating wind power and the battery will be used for long-term storage. Integration of renewables is a key element. The project demonstrates how storage technology can boost renewable energy penetration, and could have far reaching implications for new renewable projects.
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The big shift to digital
Enabling the evolving power system
As part of grid optimization and modernization, the utility industry is implementing the energy internet of things through operational control and data acquisition from grid sensors and monitoring. As investments are made in the digital grid, utilities will capitalize on revolutionary bursts driven by dramatic technological advancements.
Utility manages mission critical grid operations
Intelligent software-based solutions enable efficient disaster response and quick power restoration.
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How microgrids can cut costs and emissions,
and enhance reliability
Power grids are undergoing a revolution on a scale not seen since power distribution first emerged. The increasing share of local generation is leading to changes in the way grids are managed. Local generating capability has often been augmented by the installation of photovoltaic cells, sometimes in conjunction with battery storage. Through microgrids, owners of large sites such as hospitals or factories are now able to control their own power networks, and so reduce costs and emissions.
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Texas utility modernizes grid & reduces outage time
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Mobile GIS helping renewable integration in Norway
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A Cloud for Global Good by Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and President, Brad Smith, dives into cloud technology and the underlying principle of a trusted, responsible and inclusive cloud to move technology forward.
At ABB Customer World, we officially introduced ABB Ability™, revealing the very core of our pioneering leadership in digital technology. We are sharing an eBook from our long-term strategic partner, Microsoft, to help you on your digital journey.
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